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Jin Shin Jytusu Self-Help
Once a month we offer courses that teach you simple Jin Shin Jyutsu energy flows that you can practice on yourself.  You will learn flows to help all the primary systems in your body, simple first aid techniques, and easy hand and foot holds that revitalize all your organ functions.  It is a great way to begin enhancing your health today!

Jin Shin Jytusu Seminars
Once a year in connection with the International Jin Shin Jytusu Organization Sedona offers an in depth training seminar.  These seminars cover the entire Jin Shin Jyutsu curriculum and fulfill requirements for becoming a certified practitioner.  These seminars are a great way to learn Jin Shin Jyutsu in depth and begin applying it on its deepest level in your life and others.

For specific Information about our January Seminar Click Here.